Friday, June 24, 2011


Tonight we mixed up a batch of meatballs.  Dad should be how soon to cook them up.  We are going to try them Traeger style. The recipe was Italian Meatballs from The Joy of Cooking.  My friend Laura gifted us the book a few years back when we taught together and Ben uses it daily.  Occasionally I even open it.

We covered them in flour and gave them a quick brown like the book said.  The only ingredient I changed was fresh oregano instead of dry.

On the Traegar!

Sage's new balancing toy we picked up at the Goldmine.

Meatball sandwiches!  YUM!

Sage is Digging the New Deck

Sage is really digging the new deck.  Today he played with the potting soil.  He thought his reflection in the gardening tools was extremely cool.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sage is a swimmer!

The last few days we have had beautiful weather and sun = pool time.
Sage has been nervous about swimming until recently.  As a baby he would swim and swim and then over the winter he decided he did not want to put his face in any longer. 

Yesterday we went to the pool with Miss Ellie and you would not even have known that he had any fear at all.

So he has been cured and he now was saying, " Mom look at me!  Take a picture!"
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Monday, June 20, 2011

Water Park

Sage loves the Water Park and especially when he gets to go with Jonas.  Every time we pass it he says, "Mommy it is open!  Can you call Jonas?"