Friday, July 1, 2011

Baumgartner Hot Springs and Camping

On the way... Sage sleeping getting ready for the big camping trip.

Sage and dad having lunch once we arrive.  We camped with the Smith's (Desna, Bryan, Lucas, and Audrey)

Dad and Sage taking a relax.
Sage trying out the wheels!

Lucas and Sage Lassoing it up.  To the RESCUE al Rescate!

Snacking around the campfire.

Roasting marshmallow... I think for the first time.. although he has eaten them before,
 so I am not really sure that is a true statement.

Rock throwing down by the river.
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Hot Springing it up... and of course shooting the water gun is fun too.
Sage did a great job not getting everybody else wet and especially our clothes.

We found caterpillars!
Wild Flower Hunting

Loving his new bike and going off road.

Hammering it out.
Collecting Pinecone for the fire.

Lucas reads us bedtime stories.

Sleeping well.
Headed Home

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