Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Three

The Easter Morning at the Spiritual Center was a hit.  Sage and I spent the morning doing crafts with the kids.  He really enjoyed the company of Jonas and the other kids and thought the hunt was AWESOME!    Amy has asked that I do her maternity leave from the Center to do crafts with the kids while the parents listen to the sermon.  We had a great time.  Thanks for the invite Amy.

Easter Too

Easter eggs painted check!  Sage woke up to some wonderful gifts his grandparent's sent for some welcoming of Spring cheer.  Thanks guys!!! Nana he absolutely loves the basket we made for him.  Grammy and Papa Sam he was delighted with all of the goodies.  Papa Vic and GG Thomas the Train was a hit and we did the puzzles at least 20 times yesterday.


We have been having fun this past weekend.  Big last weekend on the Mountain for Mom and Dad and Easter for Sage.  He went to his first "spiritual" experience.  Amy and Jonas invited us to go hunt Easter Eggs at the Light on the Mountain Spiritual Center.  Hard to explain Easter to a 2 1/2 year old.  So we read books and explained the Easter Bunny... maybe next year we will get into the part about Jesus rising.  Sage and I died the eggs on Saturday Night.  He loved the squeezing of the food color bottles... counting the drops... mixing the colors, and especially dropping the eggs into the coloring.   Careful and gentle are not really comprehended by a two year old.