Monday, November 3, 2008

Sage's first week

We stayed at the hospital until 5:30 on Sunday when we were released to come home. The family enjoyed one of the last Whiskey Jacque's Bartenender's Choice pizzas before the local bar burnt down later that evening. (Boo Hoo). We went to the first doctor's appointments on Wednesday the 17th. Dr. Archie made us get a test to check Sage's bilirubin level. While we waited for the results we went to the pet store and got my mom fitted for ortodics. At 5:00, the doctor recommended that we return to the hospital because Sage had high levels of bilirubin. After spending the night at the hospital, everything seemed to be under control. It was great to have the family in town to help out and go on all of the errands that needed to be done. On Thursday Willy, Papa Wheely, Ben's dad showed up for a surprise visit. He was very elated to meet his new grandson. The following day Tía Elisabeth, Ben's sister, and Patty, Nana Patty or Mumu Schu, Ben's mom arrived. Ben's family was extremely excited because Sage is there first grandchild.

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