Monday, November 3, 2008

The Day Sage Was Born

Well, the family arrived and I was ready to give birth to the large mass I had been carrying for the last nine months. I was still feeling great, but I was ready. On Friday after school I made sure that everything was ready, for I did not want to return on Monday morning. Sticky notes were placed all around the classroom, and Monday's activities were all set to go. On Saturday, I asked the folks what they thought about taking the lift to the top of Baldy. Grammy Norma and Papa Vic had never seen the view, and Sunday was the last day for the mountain to be open. I did not want to risk missing the opportunity of sharing the beauty of this area with
my family, so off we went to check it out. We were fortunate that the restaurant at the top was still serving. After we came down from the mountain we headed into Ski Tek and Papa Vic got fitted for orthotics. We went home and waited for Ben to be done with work.

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