Monday, November 3, 2008

The Day Sage Was Born 2

Once we got home, I gave the in laws a call. It was Willy's birthday, Ben's dad, so I thought I should wish him a happy day. Nine months prior, Ben had broke the news to him by saying that I was baking him a birthday present. My due date was the 15th, but we joked throughout the pregnancy that the baby would be born on Willy's Birthday. I told Willy that I didn't think it was going to happen. Well, to my surprise at 7:08, when I was working on putting a play set from itunes on my ipod for the birthing room, I started to feel a little something. It kind of felt like I needed to take a pooh. So, of course I wrote down the time and proceeded to fix my ipod. Eight minutes later, I felt another little twinge. I wrote it down the intervals, and decided I would try to go the bathroom. A few minutes later, another twinge, so I decided to take a bath. At the birth class they said if you try and take a bath and the contractions go away then it is just prelabor. Well, the contractions went away while I was in the bath. As soon as I got out they returned full blow. I did not want anyone at home to know the labor had started before I told Ben, so I snuck down to his room and gave him a ring.

"Just breathe and relax... I am on the bike path and will be home in five minutes." He let me know.

I then let the rest of the fam in on the events. They did not believe me because I was still pretty calm. It was about 7:30 by now.

I gave Maren, my Doula, a call and she asked if I had contacted the nurse's station at the hospital. I had not, so I hung up with her and called them... They said that I needed to wait an hour and until the contractions were 3 minutes apart.

Somewhere during this time Lis, Ben's sister, called. I tried to let her know what was happening, but I do not remember much of the conversation.

Ben showed up at home, took a shower, and then started preparing the stuff for the hospital. I suggest to anyone that if you really want everything that is on your birth list then you better pack it a few weeks ahead of time. At that moment, I did not really care what was in the bag. My Dad and Norma were rubbing my back as hard as they could, while I bounced on the yoga ball. Nothing seemed to relieve the pain. Ben called Maren again, and let her know we were on the way to the hospital. She asked if the nurses had said we should go in. I shouted, "They said no but we are F*****G coming in!!!!" This was just before 9:00 when we headed to the hospital.

Norma drove, (Without an license and speeding) Ben and I rode in the back. He had massage tool in hand, but it did not matter how hard he pushed, it was still painful. When we got to the hospital, just 10 minutes later, the contractions were very intense, and very close together. I had three contractions from the car to the front door. An off duty nurse ran to meet us with an over sized wheel chair that she could barely get through the elevator door. Ben checked us in, and the nurse wheeled me upstairs.

When Donna, the night nurse, opened the door she said "You must be Shawn Schumacher. We do not have your room ready because you did not call us back. "

For one I didn't know I was supposed to call her back, and for two I hadn't even thought about it.

She made me get out of the wheel chair and walk to the room. I thought she was crazy, but later realized that this is how she assessed my progress. Once in the room, she demanded that I put on the gown and lay on my back... (oh as I am telling this, I am remembering something. Since the birth and when I tell this story people ask "Did your water break?" And now I remember that on the way out to the car I felt all slimy and like I peed my pants. That must have been when my water broke.) Anyways, she demanded that I get on my back so she can put on the fetal monitors. Lying on my back was the last thing I wanted to do. I just wanted to get into the tub. Maren, the doula, showed up and I pleaded with her that I get off my back ASAP.

During all the commotion, my mom and Norma were shooed into the hallway by Donna the nurse. Ben put on music and although I had tried to put my favorite tunes on there, the task never was completed. He started with ALO's Barbeque, and then we listened to Karl D, Ron Johnson, and Melvin Seals live. I started visualizing, as I was going through contractions, that I was dancing at the Filmore in San Francisco.

Anyways, once the nurse let me get onto my knees, and Maren started massaging my back everything got better. Ben grasped my hand, and let me know I was doing a great job. The music blared in the background. Dr. Rodriguez showed up at around 9:45 and watched the vital signs for about 15 minutes. At this point, he asked if I was ready to push.. Hell yeah I was ready. My back was hurting so bad, and I just wanted the baby to be out.

At 10:00 he was back from changing into his scrubs and we got underway. I pushed and pushed, and it felt like I was having a mayor bowel movement and then at 10:38 our baby Sage was born!!!! He weighed 6lbs 10 oz and was 21 inches long.

Ben went out to tell all of my family that "Sage was born." Papa Sam, Grammy Norma, GG and Papa Vic were all so excited for Sage is their first Grandson. Reiley is still their first princess and now she has a little prince. Sage can not wait to meet his cousins, and aunts and uncles. He knows that he will be great buddies with little cousin Bailey because they are only one year apart.

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