Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Birth Experience the first nine months

I really enjoyed my birth experience, so I thought I should share my story. My pregnancy was pretty simple. Although I had the occasional feeling of nausea, for the most part it was quite easy. I found out I was pregnant late in January of 2008, about a week after my husband Ben asked me to marry him. Really, he did ask me, and then we found out. We had been dating for 3 plus years, after we met here in Sun Valley Idaho. When we found out I was pregnant, we decided that we should get married over Spring Break in Hawaii. We invited out immediate family, and had a beautiful time. (Wedding photos) After we returned from the wedding, I continued to work until summer break. The summer was beautiful. I was fortunate to spend my days swimming and riding my tricycle and bicycle around as well as fishing. We went to California for a visit, a baby shower (Thanks mom, Norma, and Stacey) and High Sierra Music Festival. In August we hosted a celebration at the Big Lost Ranch to celebrate Ben's 30th Birthday. I returned to school at the end of August to start the year off. I enjoyed riding my bike to school up until Friday the 12th, the day before Sage was born. That day I prepared the classroom for the sub, as if I was not coming back. My family was set to come to town for the birth of our child. They were due to arrive on Thursday and Friday. On Wednesday I had a photo session with Mark Oliver to get some prego pics. After the pics, my girlfriends surprised me with a surprise shower. They are so sweet. My Dad, Papa Sam, and Norma, Grammy Norma my step mom, arrived on Thursday. Vic, Papa Vic my step dad, and my mom, Ginny or GG to the baby, arrived on Friday. I think my body was quite relieved when my parents arrived. Still no action, but I was happy that they were all going to be there for the birth. To find out what happened on the day of the birth read my blog The Day Sage was Born.

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